Bharata Natyam

Traditional training of classical dance Adavus (Basic steps) to Alankar (MA) levels and to prepare for the Arangetram performance (dance debut). All classes start with Pranayama (Yogic breathing),yoga stretches, balancing postures and ends with relaxation. Classes are offered in all the locations.

Folk Dances

Regional folk dances of India to celebrate the cultural events. Classes are offered in Shelby Twp. and Troy

Creative/Bollywood Dances

To express your joy and creative talent in a special celebration. Classes are offered in Shelby Twp. and Troy

Women’s Gentle Yoga

This class is appropriate for a beginner and for gentle practice to relax and rejuvenate. Designed for women’s health and better back. Instructor: June Hayes/ Archana


The graceful flowing movements.It is a dance yoga, flow of connected yoga asanas (postures) linked with the rhythm of a breath. The continuous movement to build inner heat, strength, vitality. Knowledge of the basic postures is required to be able to move with the flow.Instructor: Archana/ June Hayes

Mat Pilates

Ages 12 and up.Strengthen, lengthen, tone the abs and entire body. Reduce weight. Bring mental, emotional and physical balance. Increase energy level and decrease stress level. Instructor June Hayes/ Archana